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Boho Chicks:

Go boho with your Bandajanas slippers and these self-made white/black jewels.

A group of young women from Chiang Mai, Thailand had lots of fun making these super trendy foot jewelry for us.

They can be easily attached by using the loops on the back. You can use a cocktail stick as an aid.

  1. First you need to string the lace through the upper loop of the slipper.
  2. Then you can attach the boho chick by stringing the lace crossover through the upper loop.
  3. Next you need to string the laces through the second loops.
  4. After that you string the laces through the loops on the side of the slippers
  5. or you can also string them crossover through the lower loop (like you did in step 2)

Finally you can wrap the rest of the lace around your gorgeous ankles. Guess what? This summer.. you will steel the show!

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